• Messing About With Film

    I have an expensive hobby. I really enjoy taking photographs on film with old cameras. Here are some pics from my most recent rolls. (Recommended by CapeTownInsider)

    blog film 35mm camera photography
  • Freedom Day Weekend Roadtrip

    Friday the 27th of April was Freedom Day in South Africa. The farm we live on and where the Wife works moved the Workers Day public holiday to Monday the 30th of April. So we had a nice and long weekend.

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  • More Walking Around

    The farm put in a new laminated wood floor in the house recently. While the builders were in the house it made working very hard. So I took the boy for a walk in the afternoon.

    blog farm walking outdoors
  • Shelves and Things

    Our house has very little storage space, so a little while ago I bought a drill and some tools and started putting shelves on the wall.

    blog home inside
  • Muffin

    Say hello to Muffin :).

  • Walking Around

    I took a walk the other day around the farm.

    blog farm outdoors
  • Vintage Tractor Drive (2017)

    These are some photos I found from the farm’s vintage tractor drive last year in October. I took a load more with my film camera but have still not had the film developed, I need to do that soon. Where I do I will post more photos.

    blog farm vintage tractors
  • Paternoster

    Good Friday seemed like a wonderful day to take a road trip out to the West Coast.

    blog travel roadtrip drive
  • The Road to Mecca

    There are no words… The Road to Mecca is a brilliant show. I would highly recommend going to see it at the Fugard Theatre in Cape Town.

    blog cape-town fugard theatre
  • Apple Crumble

    When you live on a fruit farm you end up having a huge amount of fruit lying around the house. All of this fruit tends to go off really quickly. Especially with the warm weather we’ve been having.

    blog recipe apples farm crumble yum
  • Gymkhana

    The local gymkhana in Ceres at Du Plessis Auto. I came across these pictures tonight. This was back in October 2017.

  • Aunty Merle, New Years Eve

    The wife and I went to see Marc Lottering’s new musical, Aunty Merle, on New Years eve last year. We thoroughly enjoyed the show, it is spellbinding.

    blog theatre marc-lottering baxter cape-town
  • Karoo Roadtrip Holiday

    Last year, the week before Christmas, we took a week long roadtrip through the Karoo. Our bigger family car decided to break so we had to take the Spark. This meant getting creative with the packing. At least the Spark has a split back seat, which meant the Boy’s chair could still be used while the other half was folded down for more space. Things like the pram making things difficult.

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